July 5, 2013 by aland

Limited Edition signed books ‘GEORGE GERSHWIN: AN AMERICAN IN LONDON’ are available at £29.99 each plus p+p. See ‘Get in touch’.


  1. David E Ward says:

    I am trying to purchase your book An American in London but it is proving very difficult. Going via paypal did not work as it declined my login (I checked separately and it is OK). Can you tell me what to do next (I don’t trust a paypal link which contains made-up account details numbers and does not recognise the true me!)

    • aland says:

      Hi David, I just realised I didn’t reply to this comment, although you kindly emailed me and I have arranged delivery of the book. As you see, I have now changed my sale arrangements from Paypal to Ecwid. It is also possible to purchase books or CDs through my Facebook page ‘Alan Durman on Gershwin’

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“Alan Durman is very proficient as a Gershwin exponent”

David Mellor, Classic FM (NEW RELEASES SHOW, 4th May 2013)

“Brilliant idea….beautiful performances that sound so deliciously authentic.’

Michael Feinstein, Singer, pianist and founder of the American Songbook Foundation (6th October 2015)